About us:


We are wedding destination photographers, we shoot national wide. 


Our style heavily favors to creating beautiful artwork for our client’s home. We believe in creating artistic images that tell the story of our client’s special day in a lasting way.  For the documentary portion of our client’s day, we believe in raw, emotional moments that will tell the stories of our client’s total experience, for their future generations to enjoy.  


We use lighting in a way that is dramatic, romantic and beautiful which is one of the cornerstones and foundation of our photographic style.  We also use creative post production to our advantage to make our client’s images amazing.


We specialise in WeddingsFamily lifestyle & Portraits but we are not limited to this as we also do Business headshot | Newborn | Matric farewell | Maternity | Real Estate | Sport | Events | FoodBoudoir & fashion.  


Infocus SA Photography started in Egypt during 1999 then moved to South Africa on 2010. Every single day we look at the latest styles and trends and equipment all over the world to Add and improve in our images and be sure that we are totally up to date international trends.  That’s why we pride our self on slogan “ #LikeNoOther” we do things differently, each client is unique and always trying to ensure  new ideas and thinking “out of the box”.  We meet with clients in the beginning as clients, and we always part as firm friends, we have many clients nationwide.


For us photography not just a job!  It’s a passion which doesn’t end at 5PM. Some days we sit editing the days work till the wee hours of the morning, to ensure that the clients can have their photos a quick as possible.  


We can drive extra miles to get the best locations for our clients and we are truly happy if they are satisfied and smiling. It’s the most amazing feeling when you see you clients are happy, satisfied and appreciate all your effort, this is worth more than the monies paid.

All our clients are treated equally, weather you have booked a mere hour shoot or a full day, you get the same attention and also the same quality of work.


Finally, in as far as wedding photography goes we wish to advise any couple to choose their wedding photographer for their quality of work, not because he/she is the cheapest option! You can go cheap for venue, food, flower, cake, décor, etc.  However when choosing your photographer & makeup artist. These are the two who will ensure your memories will last a lifetime & beyond!